Interacting with blockchains, made simple

SendBlocks enables you to save up to 80% in development efforts and reduce time to market from months to weeks.

From notifications to bigger indexing tasks, SendBlocks provides you access & enrichment to any on-chain data, with a few simple lines of code.

provides you with:

Real time risk mitigation for security providers

notification for apps​

Real time balances
for wallet providers​

Fueling growth for dev ecosystems​

Don’t take our word for it, take theirs

Don’t take our word for it,
take theirs

Backed by the best

What’s new

Creating your own indexer? Hopefully not. Dive into how to avoid re-indexing data over and over with this quick read.

Did you know? Users receiving Daily+ push notifications had 820% higher app retention rates than users who received Zero push notifications.

Traditionally, accessing and responding to on-chain data has been a cumbersome process. So let’s flip the script by bundling workloads and writing easy Functions.

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